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February 10-19, 2017
Twisted Valentines
An evening of non Hallmark one acts in honor of Valentines Day.


A SPRAY OF ROSES by Lloyd Pace (directed by Robin Joseph with Anne Hammond as LYNNE, Cash Tilton as HANK, Susan Ward* as MICHELLE)
WORDS by Evelyn Mertens (directed by Jennifer Siciliano with Pamela Brokaw as MARIA, Michael Pennachio as JESUS)
DVD AND CHILL by John Patrick Bray (directed by Laura Credidio with Siobhan McKinley as KRIS, Dan Kausch as JESSE)
DOUBLE DATE by Albi Gorn (directed by Robin Joseph with Michael Boyle as PAUL, Duane Rutter as MICHAEL, Sandy Oppedisano as RANDY, Emma Laurence as JOAN)


IN THE MEANTIME by Sharon Cooper (directed by Michael Witkes with Rofa Abayon as STEPHANIE MULLINS, Dan Walworth as PAUL ALEXANDER)
GIN JOINT by Gabrielle Fox (directed by Jennifer Siciliano with Marilyn Collazo as LISA, Sean Weil* as RAY)
SECRET DREAMERS by Ed Friedman (directed by Pat O'Neill with Gail Greenstein as HANNAH, Lori Franzese as HOLLY, Nancy Intrator as LEE)
KISSING WILL by Virginia Reynolds (directed by Michael Witkes with Ann Gulian as CLAIRE, Lucas Kane as WILL)

* Member of Actors Equity Association (AEA)

Directed by:
Laura Credidio, Robin Joseph, Pat O'Neill, Jennifer Siciliano,and Michael Witkes


The World Premiere of

By Howard Meyer
Directed by Jenn Haltman

Set Design:  Tim McMath
Lighting Design: Justin Partier
Sound Design:  John McKenna
Costume Design:  Jessa-Raye Court
Projection Design: Joe Lipstein
Stage Manager: Arysbells Figueredo
Production Manager: Stanley Lee Ralph III

Maybe Never Fell addresses familial disruption, self-identity, and scars of genocide. In this play, the playwright tackles a rarely-explored theme with a mix of raw candor and refined eloquence.  He leads the audience through the journey of the play through its protagonist, Max, a middle-age American Jew. Max’s earnest and often agonizing search for love – and finding his spiritual and cultural identity -- is sabotaged by the landmines that populate the past.

"Howard Meyer's play Maybe Never Fell is a real beauty. I have never seen a play about the American Jewish experience with Germany right down to today. I was glued to the action and completely surprised by each new arrival of another major linchpin in the structure. The play is ambitious and boldly conceived."
Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning playwright, Craig Lucas.


Get Ready to Gaslight Tango!

It’s Mysterious!
It’s Delirious!
It’s Romantic!
It’s Franticl!

It's our Spring 2016 Main Stage Production

7 thought-provoking and entertaining one-acts by Axial’s own playwrights explore the ins and outs -- and way-outs -- of relationships and identity crisis.

"The Gaslight Tango [is a psychological cat-and-mouse game that] occurs in all different types of relationships - at the office, in our friendships, between parents and children, and between siblings. -- Robin Stern, PhD

Featuring Rofa Abayon, Anthony Barresi, Michael Boyle, Laura Credidio, Gail Greenstein, Anne Hammond, Nancy Intrator, Rachel Krause, Ward James Riley, Susan Ward, Quinn Warren, Michael Witkes

Written by Patrick Davin, Gabrielle Fox, Albi Gorn, Robin Joseph, Wayne Paul Mattingly, Evelyn Mertens, Lloyd Pace, Ward James Riley

Directed by Patrick Davin, Ed Friedman, Rachel Jones, Robin Joseph, Lori Lowe, Wayne Paul Mattingly

Axial Theatre Requests the Pleasure of Your COMPANY at Our Annual Fundraising Party

ArtsWestchester, 31 Mamaroneck Ave., White Plains 10601
Tickets start at just $40 and include Beer, Wine, Beverages and Savory Bites and Sweets

Featuring Musical Selections from Stephen Sondheim’s Tony-winning Broadway classic COMPANY


Axial Audiences Will Be Guests Inside Ibsen’s ‘A Doll’s House’
Landmark Work about the Meaning of Marriage Is Set in 1950s
November 2 - 22

The principals in Axial Theatre’s “A Doll’s House” are
(from left) Carlos Dengler (formerly of indie rock band Interpol) as Nils Krogstad,
Sophie Sorensen as Christine, Laura Credidio as title character Nora Helmer,
Dan Walworth as her husband Torvald. Photo credit: Leslye Smith

A bold retelling of Henrik Ibsen's timeless classic, A Doll's House, will open Axial Theatre's 2015-2016 season on Friday, Nov. 6 with an opening night event on Saturday, November 7. It runs through Nov. 22.

Directed by Howard Meyer, Axial Founding Artistic Director, it stars Laura Credidio in the iconic role of Nora and Dan Walworth as her controlling spouse Torvald.

A seminal masterwork that many say established the Norwegian playwright as the father of modern realist drama, the play had a profound influence both on both theatre and society when it debuted in 1879. It presents the radical transformation of an opp?ressed wife, Nora, who defiantly declares her independence from a narcissistic husband, Torvald, after years of being treated as a mindless plaything.

What Love Needs’
An Anthology of 10 Original One-Acts 
Written & Performed by Members of Howard Meyer's Acting & Playwriting Programs
August 21-23

Directed by 
Stage Managers 
Jeff Calhoun, Stephanie Gualtieri

See It...

Hospice Fish
by Linda Giuliano
Featuring Andrea Aboulafia, Judy Permutt
To help terminal patients, Eileen hatches a novel idea for which supervisor Laureen doesn't show much patience.

by Lloyd Pace
Featuring Rofa Abayon, Jeff Calhoun
Sad sack Sam corrals Carol in his apartment to practice making conversation with a captive audience.

To Market
by Jess Erick
Featuring Brenda Hettmansberger, Mae Rum
Close friends Ginny and Dita mix it up in a grocery aisle, but the smackdown ends in a tag team match that claims a surprise loser... by technical knockout.  

Two Hearts
by Linda Giuliano
Featuring Jeff Calhoun, Connie Groeger
From the beginning, Thomas told roommate Anna he is gay. But does that really matter to either of them?

Small Talk
by Evelyn Mertens
Featuring Bruce Apar, Evelyn Mertens
After his wife dies, Ted shows up at a party to renew an affair of the heart with Carol that started in a linen closet. Doesn't take long for the laundry to turn dirty.

See It...

by Jess Erick
Featuring Bruce Apar, Stephanie Gualtieri, 
Mae Rum
Teenage best friends Kaylee and Jenna exchange confidences during an intimate evening at Kaylee's home. Why does her dad Marc have a problem with that?

Darcy & Duke 
by Gabrielle Fox  
Featuring Connie Groeger, Brenda Hettmansberger
When parcel driver Duke comes on to office worker Darcy, she feels uncomfortably boxed in at first, until Duke delivers, for a song. 

Goodbye Party 
by Gabrielle Fox
Featuring Stephanie Gualtieri, Judy Permutt
It's her last day on the job, and Adrianna feels fatally sorry for herself. But co-worker Samantha will have none of it. 

Mondays at 8
by Linda Giuliano
Featuring Rofa Abayon, Dan Forman
Strangers standing at a bus stop, businessman Michael doesn't want to be bothered, but Cecilia charms him into not raining on her parade.

by Albi Gorn
Featuring Andrea Aboulafia, Dan Forman, Brenda Hettmansberger
Abe has been granted three wishes by a wand-wielding home intruder. Can he and wife Ellie agree on what to ask for? Call it wishful thinking.

Dead Man's Cell Phone
by Sarah Ruhl
Directed by Rachel Jones
May 2, 2015

In a quiet café, a woman answers a ringing cell phone, not knowing that its owner is dead. She soon finds herself wrapped up in his bizarre past as she plays comforter to his grieving family and keeper of his illicit affairs, both business and personal. This comedy [by Pulitzer prize finalist and MacArthur “Genius” grant recipient Sarah Ruhl] forces us to realize that we need to rely on one another a little more and our gadgets a little less.

Michael E. Boyle, Jr. , Lori Franzese, Gail Greenstein, Nancy Intrator, Siobhan McKinley, Kristen Odell, Duane Rutter, Susan Ward*

Music And Movement
Featured Performances from Axial Favorites And More
Saturday April 11th from 7-10pm.

There were performances by Aisling Mulhern, Ann Gulian, Jess Erick and more! 

Pre-Valentine's Day presentation of:

Directed by : Tal Aviezer, Robin Joseph,  Lori Lowe and Paul Rominello

YOUTH DANCE by Wayne Mattingly 
MINE/YOURS by Ed Friedman
IS NOTHING SACRED by Evelyn Mertens
TRYST by  Eileen Noon
THE DOLL by  Barry Malawer
YOU by  Misha T. Sinclair
DRY BAY LEAF by Linda Giuliano
TWISTED METAL by  Chris Jones
MOTHER LOVE by Evelyn Mertens

Rofa Abayon
Allen Cohen
Colin Flynn
 Albi Gorn
Gail Greenstein
Anne Hammond*
Nancy Intrator
Justin Krass
Wayne Mattingly*
Kathryn Neville Browne*
David Ryan
Dan Walworth
Quinn Warren
Sean Weil*

*denotes members of AEA


The Seagull by Anton Chekhov
Previewed November 7th at 8pm and November 8th at 2pm.
The gala opening night was November 8th at 8pm, followed by a talk back with the creative team. The show ran Fridays through Sundays unti November 23rd.

Axial Theatre in Pleasantville will open its 16th season with a mainstage ensemble production of Anton Chekhov's The Seagull, a revival of one the seminal works of world literature.  Axial Theatre founder and artistic director Howard Meyer, the director of the play, notes that Axial has decided to expand its original mission to include classics and revivals that are relevant to the issues of today. He notes, "We chose this work because the themes of the late 19th century Russian classic resonate with the same power as they did over 100 years ago: the frustration of pursuing a career in the arts; the potential poisons of fame; the obsessive quality of unrequited passion." The Seagull was once called "one of the greatest events in the history of Russian theatre and one of the greatest new developments in the history of world drama."

Reviews - Click here


Anthony Baressi Jr
Michael Boyle
Francesco Campari
Clemmie Evans
Mike Fox
Ann Gulian 
Dan Held
Rachel Ann Jones*
Rachel Banklian Krause 
Harry Lipstein 
Ward Riley
Dan Walworth
*appearing courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association
Translated by Carol Rocamora
Directedy by Howard Meyer
Stage Manager Jill Woodward
Scenic Designers Christopher Swader and Justin Swader
Lighting Design Avery Lincoln
Costume Design- Natalie Loveland
Sound Design- Igor Yachmenov
Technical Director- Rick Apicella


Life of Earth: Variations on the Theme of the Sacred and Profane
Axial Theatre Spring Production Debuts May 1 
Performances May 1st - May 18th

Imagine, if you may, an old American Bar and Grill. A place that is elevated from the dictatorship of time, decorated by the emotional reality of the souls inhabiting it. The air is filled with longing, hope and the loneliness of the human condition. Tables and chairs don't match, drinks are rarely served and the walls are filled with portraits of people no one has ever known. The bar is a place for those lost souls who come to gather and relinquish in the monotony existence and waiting for their own personal saving grace.

This is the setting for the characters in the monologues and short plays inspired by the theme "the sacred and the profane."

Click here for Journal News Review.


Suzanne Blair*
Dan Forman
Mike Fox
Adam Glatzl
Anne Hammond
Michelle Concha Herko
Gail Greenstein
Nancy Intrator
Daniel Joseph Kausch
Susan Kay
Mackenzie Lansing
Ryan Mallon
William McGrath*
Siobhan McKinley
Ward James Riley
Sean Weil*
Gary Biale
Michael Edan
Albi Gorn
Evelyn Mertens
Jesse Newman
Kevin O'Leary
Lloyd Pace
John Patrick Bray
Howard Meyer
Michelle Lawrence
Production Director
Francesco Campari

Emma Arlauskas
Fabio Bisceglie
Rachel Jones
Heather McDevitt Barton
Aisling Mulhern
Matt Ransker

Stage Manager Claudia Toth
Set Design Zhanna Gurvich
Light Design Bill Stonehouse
Technical Director Stephen Simalchik



The Rest of Your Life
By Megan Mostyn-Brown
Directed by Drama Desk Award Winner Josh Hecht
Performed October 18 - November 3, 2013

Featuring Axial company members Adam Glatzl, Ann Gulian, Ryan Mallon, and Jess Erick and special guests Colin DePaula*, Flora Diaz* and Mackenzie Lansing

Defeated by the NYC dance world, Dizzie returns home to an underpaying babysitting job for a privileged over managed and brilliant, 9 year old. This darkly intelligent comedy forces its characters to face the imperfect world and it's imperfect relationships with all of their beauty and hardship.

Photo Credit- Leslye Smith


Axial Theatre Presents " The Rest of Your Life"


Staged Reading on the New Plays by Lloyd Pace.
Performed June 14th and 15th, 2013

These two new one-acts explore the comedic and slightly darker side of death and marriage. In Gone, the wife of the deceased and mother of two, asks the question: "Is he really dead (he better be!)?" And in the Wedding Duel we find out how getting married can be a downright dangerous proposition.

Directed by Axial Company Member Richard Manichello
Featuring Axial Company Members
Francesco Campari, Aisling Mulhern, Lori Franzese, Adam Glatzl, Gail Greenstein, and Ann Lilly



Radiance artDirected by Christopher Grabowski
Featuring Obie award winning actor Christopher McCann (The Lights at Lincoln Center)

Performed May 2nd through May 19th, 2013

Interviewed in federal prison, Lindsay Kountze is forced to reexamine her life-altering choice and the events that preceded the 60th anniversary celebration of the Los Alamos National Laboratory: Billy Kountze, Lindsay’s dad and Group Leader at the Lab, has secured a long awaited promotion for his and Lindsay’s best friend Paddy Poweahla, but the promotion is not what it initially seemed. Paddy has been asked to head up the inspection of toxic waste pits exposed by the 2000 Cerro Grande fire. This ‘inspection’ proves to be a cover-up of dangerously high levels of radiation emitted by these pits. Lindsay, interning as an environmental geologist, has been assigned to study the reported effects of the radiation leaks at neighboring Indian reservations. Lindsay and Paddy find themselves caught between their devotion to Billy, Paddy’s reconnection to his native heritage, and the unavoidable truths that the cover-up is bringing to light.

Praise for Radiance!


"[Radiance] shines thanks to spectacular performances by a four-person cast directed by Christopher Grabowski.…The chemistry between the actors is palpable. …Obie Award-winner McCann is transfixing…Cruz’s Paddy is a deeply sympathetic figure…Lauwers is superb. Rachel Ann Jones [is] funny, magical and hopeful.

By orchestrating such outstanding performances, director Grabowski… [creates] a concentrated emotional experience."

- John P. McCarthy, The Journal News

Read the review in the Journal News.
Read the article in Westchester Magazine.
Read the article in Westfair Publications.
Read the article in The Examiner.

An Evening of Note ... Saturday, March 23, 2013

"An Evening of Note," cabaret-style entertainment ranging from classic pieces performed by Westchester pianist Dan Forman to blues and jazz tunes sung by Axial Songbirds Ann Gulian and Aisling Mulhern-Dono; a special film tribute to Daily News and Journal News theatre critic Robert Heisler (1952 2012); gourmet fare hors d'oeuvres and desserts; a live auction hosted by popular newscaster Roslyn Abrams (Axial board member and HMActing student); and Tarot readings by Axial member Gail Greenstein. The event chairs are Axial members Ann Gulian and Lori Franzese.



Awake and Sing!
by Clifford Odets in a brand new staging.
October 18 - November 4

"Life is not printed on dollar bills"says Odets in this piece, and that's a central theme of this masterpiece, pointing toward the balance between finding work to sustain a family, and finding time to truly be alive. Odets also states"fate is your inner nature as it meets outside circumstances. Your own nature meets the natures of the other persons you are with. These interpenetrations make up your fate. Anything can cost you your life. Any simple little thing."These words feel eerily relevant as they relate to our current climate of economic uncertainty, where people's fates seem tenuous and relationships, inevitably, are put under pressure. And it is because of this connection to the current world circumstances that Axial feels strongly about producing this piece at this time.

Featuring Axial Company members:

Laura Credidio, Adam Glatzl, Ann Gulian, Mark Gorham, Gail Greenstein, Ryan Mallon, Ward Riley, and director, Francesco Campari.

L-R Sean Weil, Ann Guilian, Ryan Mallon
Photo credit: Leslye Smith
Adam Glatzl, Ann Gulian, Mark Gorham,
Laura Credidio, Ryan Mallon,
Sean Weil, Richard Manichello.
Ward Riley
and Ryan Mallon
Mark Gorham, Ann Gulian
and Adam Glatzl
Mark Gorham, Laura Credidio,
Ward Riley, Ryan Mallon
and Ann Gulian.

Photo credit: Zhanna Gurvich


"I had the opportunity to see this show in preview last night. This is the best local theatre company I have seen in a long time. They actually are local actors, but they are also Equity actors for the most part. I was impressed and it takes a lot for me to be so inclined. The ensemble was excellent..."

Mary Crescenzo, Peekskill-Cortlandt Patch

"(Ann) Gulian shines in the play's lead role as Bessie Berger, the family's matriarch. Her character works tirelessly to keep her family afloat, while making sure it's done her way. Gulian talked about the uniqueness of her new role."

Christopher Michael McHugh, Ossining-Croton on Hudson Patch

Bob Plunkett, business expert at News 12, and Roz Abrams with Howard Meyer and
Director, Francesco Campari after a sobering post show discussion about the
economic parrallels between Awake and Sing! and 2012.

The Clearing
April 26 – May 13

The ClearingPleasantville, NY – The Clearing, a new play by Jake Jeppson of Yale’s School of Drama, will have its Westchester Premiere at Axial Theatre in Pleasantville, NY, Directed by Drama Desk Award winner Josh Hech. The Clearing tells the story of two brothers who climb to a clearing at the top of a gorge: a place to tell stories, to escape their dysfunctional mother, and to honor a buried secret from their childhood nearly two decades later. The sanctity of the clearing is challenged when a new lover enters their lives.

Mark Gorham and Francesco Campari and in a scene from Jake Jeppson's The Clearing. Allison Daugherty and Francesco Campari in a scene from Jake Jeppson's The Clearing.


In “The Clearing” — Jake Jeppson’s play about siblings and secrets, now in a stunning premiere at Pleasantville’s Axial Theatre — the Ellis brothers couldn’t be less similar.

Axial’s creative departments have all outdone themselves, making “The Clearing” one of the most complete and well-mounted productions in memory at Axial.

- Peter Kramer, Journal News
(posted 4/30/2012)

This show was truly remarkable. I was simply floored by all aspects of the production and moved in a way that I haven't been by live theatre in awhile.

Lindsay Brill, audience member
(posted 5/15/2012)

Axial's Kickin'
Swing Time Lounge Party

Held on Saturday March 31, 2012 - 7:00 PM at the St. John's Episcopal Church Community House Pleasantville, NY

Axial's Kickin' Swing Time Lounge Party! Good eats, drinks, and music, with live professional swing dancers and the vocal riffs of our very own Swingin' Canary Duo. And one of the wildest live auction! Great time had by all.





Axial MayFest:
A Festival of New Plays
A weekend of workshop presentations of new plays

Axial Presents Script-In-Hand Stagings of
New Plays in Development
All pieces will be performed by Axial company members and special guest actors.

Friday, May 6th
by Katherine Baldwin Eng directed by Josh Hecht
cast Laura Crededio, Rachel Ann Jones*, Gail Greenstein, Marisa Lowe

Audrey, a pregnant Midwestern housewife and Veronique, a famous movie star, find themselves in a chance meeting in a European city in search of a famous elderly writer they both have had affairs with. In Nectar, Katie Baldwin Eng takes a hilarious and magical look at the complex transition from life without a child to life with one, and also examines in hysterical fashion our very obsessive fixation with celebrity. Drama Desk award-winner Josh Hecht directs.

Saturday, May 7th
Searching for God in Suburbia,
by Matt Hoverman directed by Suzanne Agins
cast Ronan Babbitt, Mark Gorham*, Ann Gulian, Michael Holmes*, Heather Nicolson, and Sean Weil*

Matt Hoverman's (who's play Who You See Here is bound for Broadway under the direction of Christopher Ashley) collection of one-acts take a hilarious look at the foibles, myths, and obsessions of life lived in the suburbs. One of the one-acts in this collection, Indian Guys, was presented in Axial's Angels & Visions Festival in Fall 2009. Princess Grace award-winner Suzanne Agins directs.

Sunday, May 8th
by Ryan Mallon directed by Francesco Campari
cast Mike Fox, Ann Gulian, Heather Nicolson, Ben Pagano* and Brian Pracht, Ward Riley and Clare Schmidt*

Axial Company member Ryan Mallon's fugue about the challenges of relationships at various stages of life. Three couples and an older man find themselves on a Hudson River bridge in various stages of relationship highs and lows. Each paring's situations are very specific, but how these couples' lives overlap and intersect provides the extra magic in this wonderfully crafted one-act. NYC Theatre Company FIXITSOLIFE Artistic Director, Francesco Campari directs.

Feathers Sometimes Soar on the Breath of God
by Ward James Riley directed by Laura Credidio
cast Dan Held*, Aisling Mulhern

In her own lifetime, the poet Emily Dickinson was completely unknown. Anxious for recognition, she sent samples of her poetry to a leading American editor and man of letters named Thomas Wentworth Higginson, whom she believed would help her achieve success. Years of correspondence culminated in a meeting between the two on August 16th, 1870. Whatever happened during that meeting no one will ever really know. What is known is that Emily Dickinson never attempted to publish her poetry again. In this one-act play, Axial Company member, Ward James Riley, through thorough research of their correspondence combined with a marvelous creative leap, imagines this meeting between Higginson and Dickenson. Axial Company member, and Lincoln Center Theatre Director’s Lab member, Laura Credidio, directs.

Guest Performers will join Axial Company Actors Laura Credidio, Gail Greenstein, Mark Gorham*, Ann Gulian, Rachel Ann Jones*, Aisling Mulhern, Heather Nicolson & Ward James Riley on stage.

*Actors Appearing Courtesy Actors Equity Association.

Axial Theatre presented Taking Off for its fall production, opening
Thursday October 20th- Pleasantville, New York

Taking Off

Taking Off  is an evening of two one –act plays that center around the theme of what we reveal, what we choose not to, and the consequences that lie therein. Taking Off also plays with the double meaning of flight, in that there is bird imagery inherent in the staging of each play. Finally, Axial derives its inspiration for the evening’s title from Billy Collin’s magnificent poem Taking Off Emily Dickinson’s Clothes which reimagines Emily Dickinson in a private context, as does one of Axial’s plays!

Feathers Sometimes Soar on the Breath of God 

Feathers Sometimes Soar on the Breath of God  by Axial member Ward Riley was last seen as a staged reading during Axial’s May Festival. In keeping with Axial’s mission to develop and stage new plays, Axial has decided to give  Feathers a full production. In her own lifetime Emily Dickinson was completely unknown. Anxious for recognition, she sent samples of her poetry to a leading American editor and man of letters Thomas Wentworth Higginson whom she believed would help her achieve success. Years of correspondence culminated between the two on August 16th 1870. Whatever happened during that meeting no one will ever know. What is known is that Emily Dickinson never attempted to publish her poetry again. Through research of their correspondence and a marvelous creative leap, playwright Ward Riley deftly imagines this meeting between Dickinson and Higginson.

Actors are Aisling Mulhern as Emily Dickinson,
Stephaun De PauI as Thomas Wentworth Higginson
and Lori Franzese as Lavinia Dickinson In Ward Riley's play
Feathers Sometimes Soar on the Breath of God
Photo credit: Kathryn Neville Browne.

The Magician

The Magician, written by Axial company member Linda Giuliano , deals with a reclusive New Yorker in an encounter with an audacious  subway performer who ultimately teaches her about the importance of joy. Giuliano’s authentically lyric voice is always a favorite with Axial audiences.

Both pieces will be directed by Axial Company member Laura Credidio. Ms. Credidio (whose family are longtime Westchester residents and owners of the fabulous music venue and restaurant Twelve Grapes in Peekskill), hasvirtually grown up in the Axial company. She studied with HMActing (Axial’s theatre school) as a teen where she fell in love with theatre in all of its forms. The director, now residing in theManhattan, received her BFA from Syracuse University and has worked professionally most recently participating in Lincoln Center’s prestigious  Director’s Lab.

Saturday, April 2nd 7PM

Click here for the flyer.





For the Love of Money


Axial presents For The Love of Money, it's first series of interrelated monologues. Company members present pieces from Katie Atcheson, Jessica Dickey, Gabrielle Fox, Linda Giuliano, Matt Hoverman, Tony Howarth, John Kuebler, Ryan Mallon, Carol Mark and Howard Meyer, exploring our collective relationship to money. The evening garnishes a rave review from Peter Kramer in the Journal News.



Welcome This is a Neighborhood Watch Community, was presented at Axial in November, 2010 directed by Drama Desk award-winner, Josh Hecht. Joining the Axial company was LABrynth Theater Company co-founder, David Deblinger, and Emmy-nominated actor, Jon Lindstrom.

The Long Island private school that Justin Campbell attends has hired an esteemed English teacher with a famous literary last name. This teacher, who holds very opposite views than Justin’s father, quickly becomes Justin’s mentor, much to his father’s consternation. This family drama, set in the affluent community of Montauk, centers on the power struggle between these two role models, Justin’s father, a hedge fund manager with financial power and influence, and Justin’s mentor, a man with powerful ideals, and the impact this struggle has on the family and the developing 16 year old that lies between them.

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The 10th anniversary season concludes with Howard Meyer’s critically acclaimed comedy, Cherry and Jerry. Directed by Mr. Meyer the production features performances by Rachel Jones, Sean Weil, Brian Pracht, Patrick Davin, Gloria M. Buccino, Jess Erick and Cyndi Sciacca. YouTube videos are produced about the show.

The 2009-2010 kicks off with our 4th annual one act festival: Angels & Visions featuring plays by Guest Artists (and Pulitzer Prize nominees) Adam Rapp and Gina Gionfriddo, critically acclaimed writers Matt Hoverman and Jessica Dickey, and company writer Ryan Mallon.


In June, Linda Giuliano’s full length play, The Black Madonna, gets its first public workshop. In September, Howard Meyer’s new full length, WELCOME, This is a Neighborhood Watch Community has its first public reading at the esteemed Hudson Valley Writers’ Center. Both plays enjoyed extensive development at the Axial Playwrights series that previous season.

Cherry and Jerry Angels & Visions Angels & Visions


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Tunneling Through: Glimpses from the In Between, an evening of five 10-minutes plays officially inaugurates our performance home at St. Johns in January 2008. Plays presented were written by Ryan Mallon, Patrick Davin, Gabrielle Fox, Stephen Palgon, and Linda Giuliano and were directed by Stephen Palgon, Margie Ferris, Chuck Bradley, Rachel Ann Jones, and Tony Howarth. Guest artist extraordinaire Robert Kya-Hill makes his debut with the company.

In March, Axial is invited to perform selections from Tunneling Through at the Westchester Arts Council’s Arts Exchange opening for theatre and film actor, Campbell Scott.

In the Spring of 2008 Howard Meyer’s powerful full length tragedy, AngelBeast was produced to glowing reviews. It was directed by Mollie O’Mara and featured Finnerty Steeves, James Davies, Stephen Palgon, Rachel Ann Jones, Margie Ferris, Ryan Mallon, Quinn Warren and Charlotte Exton.

In July, Axial is invited to present its first staged reading event “Under the Stars,” at the band shell at the Mohegan Colony. Short plays under consideration for their 10th anniversary season ten minute play festival are presented.

Our 10th anniversary season opens with a feature article in the New York Times about the company’s decade long history.

To commemorate our 10th anniversary and to kick off the season, Axial presents two short favorites from the past (Junior, by Brian O’Neill and the Shroud of Turin by Linda Giuliano) plus two new short plays from the current New Play Development Series (Baby Talk, by Jeanne Dorsey and The Ride by James Christy). Inside/out: what remains within? what must come out? features performances by Gail Greenstein, Laura Credidio, Ryan Mallon, Howard Meyer, Sara Carbone, Gloria M. Buccino, Dale Furnia, Sean Weil, Cesar Leonardo, Margie Ferris, Michael Raymond Fox, Mark Gorham, & Cyndi Sciacca.

Tunneling Through:
Glimpses from the In Between
AngelBeast Inside/out: what remains within?
what must come out?

The New York Times
Troupe Still Evolving as 10th Season Opens

by Cynthia Magriel Wetzler
October 17, 2008
> Click here to read this article.

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In the Winter of 2007, Axial inaugurates its first 10 minute play festival: Power Lunches and Disorderly Conduct.

Axial’s first retrospective video is produced: “Axial Theatre, The First Seven Years.”


"Axial Theatre, The First Seven Years.”

In 2007, a glowing review from The Journal News brings so many new audience members to spring production of Two Hearts that the local town board asks us to move our performances to another venue. Two Hearts: Chance Encounters and Unlikely Connections, an evening of short play were written by Linda Giuliano and directed by Stephen Palgon, Brian Quirk, Tony Howarth, and Howard Meyer, completes its run at St. John’s Episcopal Church. The short play in the evening, The Last Delivery, features 92 year old theatre and radio legend, Clifford Carpenter. A YouTube video interview is produced to promote the show and honor Mr. Carpenter.

Interview with Two Hearts Guest Star
92 year old Cliff Carpenter

Much of the rest of 2007 is consumed with search for a new space, which can house productions and the acting program. Space issues resolve in the fall of 2007. Both divisions will find their home at St John’s Episcopal Church in Pleasantville. Productions will formerly commence in January 2008 with the acting classes to follow in the Fall.

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In the Spring of 2006 Lost in Paradise is presented at the Bedford Hills Community House. As a result of the success of the production, the play is shot for local television and optioned for a motion picture.

In the Fall of 2006 a staged reading of Marrow, by Brian Quirk is presented.

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Axial finds its first full time home in Pleasantville, at 48 Wheeler Avenue and forms a relationship with the Jacob Burns Film Center.  Axial begins a concerted effort to expand its Board of Directors. By 2007, the board is 9 members strong.

The New York City Reading Series moves to Pleasantville and is renamed, ‘Axial Playwrights.’

Axial applies for NYSCA funding, was approved and funding has continued to date.

They obtain the first of what becomes a multi-year grant from the William T. Morris Foundation.

Axial engages in its first improvisational creation of a full-length play. The first act of The Contract, about the challenges of growing up in a dysfunctional family, co-authored by the entire company, is the first piece to be performed in their new home in Pleasantville in the Spring of 2005. The complete work, The Contract Parts I & II is presented in it’s entirety in the Fall of 2005

Axial makes plans for an ongoing full season of scheduled work that will include a fall workshop production or reading, a winter production of one act plays (that develops into the 10 Minute Play Festival), and a spring Full Production. 


The Contract Parts I & II The Contract Parts I & II

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Billy Bubblehead, by Tony Howarth, performed as a site specific performace at the Amawalk Friends Meeting House. The Company’s second feature article appears in the NY Times. An extremely favorable review appears in the Journal News.

State of Obsession: America’s 51st State, an evening of One-Act plays by Brian Quirk, Robin Rice Lichtig, Brian O’Neill and Kristy Hasen presented at HERE Arts Center, NYC.

The New York Times
A Theater Group's Drama-Worthy Gathering Place

Published: May 23, 2004
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A series of 7 new plays in varying stages of development was presented over the course of four nights at The Schoolhouse Theater in Croton Falls, NY. Each night, directors, writers, and actors new to the Axial Theatre family were presented. Included were excerpts from Brian Quirk’s one-man show Portraits, Peter Killy’s Windows on the World, and Howard Meyer’s Jerry.

NEW WORKS in NEW YORK, a Staged Reading Series of 8 new plays in development, was presented over three nights at HERE in New York City, continuing the development of our NYC creative community as well as an audience for Axial Theatre in NYC.

Missing Parts, an Evening of one-act Plays about the Search for Connection by Patrick Davin, Linda Giuliano, Howard Meyer and Susan Jennifer Polese, presented at HERE Arts Center, NYC.

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Howard Meyer’s Acting Program, which has offered acting classes in Westchester County for the last eight years to students of diverse ages and levels of experience, merges with Axial Theatre, adding an educational component to the new organizational structure.

The company stages its first benefit featuring student performances as well as presentations by area and company professionals. All That’s Fair, a new play by Howard Meyer, receives its first workshop production at Northern Westchester Center for the Arts in Mt. Kisco.

Howard Meyer’s Persephone Rising appears in the Samuel French One-Act Festival at the American Theatre of Actors in NYC.

The merger of Axial Theatre and Howard Meyer’s Acting Program is complete.  The entire organization will be run under the corporate heading Axial Theatre, Inc., a newly formed not-for-profit 501 C-3 corporation.

NYC play reading series is launched, meeting alternate Sundays at Caymichael Patten Studio in NYC, where an invited group of actors, writers and directors will develop new plays with Axial to be considered for future productions in Westchester. 

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Howard Meyer and company members visit seven area high schools and middle schools and read excerpts from The Kiss.  The play, dealing with relevant themes for this age group, provokes rigorous dialogue. Program includes Q & A about a life in the dramatic arts.

A full production of Howard Meyer’s The Kiss inaugurates the professional theatre space of Northern Westchester Center for the Arts in Mt. Kisco.

Elizabeth Phelps’ Paperwhite and Bret Primack’s Today’s Specials receive their initial staged readings at the launch of the Reading Series of New Plays at NWCA.

Bret Primack’s Today’s Specials is workshopped at The Schoolhouse Theatre to sold-out audiences.

The company begins work on its first collaborative writing project based on the theme of resurrection.

The New York Times
A Play Date for Playwrights Who Meet in a Weekly Workshop
Published: October 1, 2000
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Persephone Rising The Kiss The Fall of Athens


The company is invited to perform at Fleetwood Stage’s Platform Series, a festival of new works by emerging theatre-artists.  In this weekend-long presentation of five original one-acts, the company plays to sold-out audiences.

Persephone Rising by Howard Meyer and Behind Easton by Emily Masciandaro are re-staged as a full production at the Barnspace in Katonah.

Bret Primack’s The Fall of Athens and Howard Meyer’s The Kiss are workshopped at The Schoolhouse Theatre to sold-out audiences.

The company is invited to the Fox Lane Middle School to restage Persephone Rising, sharing the stage with renowned theatre and film actor, Stephen Lang.

Feature article in the New York Times by staff-writer Kyle Minor documents Axial Theatre’s unique collaborative process.

Arcadian Arts, a local, not-for-profit arts organization, sponsors the Axial Theatre. An Advisory Board including noted writers, producers, and community professionals, is formed.

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1998 - Axial Theatre begins!       

Iris Salomon, Artistic Director of Barnspace Productions, invites Howard Meyer to create a resident ensemble of professional actors, directors, and playwrights.  Howard Meyer does so, including both professionals and advanced students from his existing acting program.  Axial Theatre begins!

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